Calling All Second-Career Entrepreneurs- courtesy of Entrevestor March 8 2017

Calling All Second-Career Entrepreneurs

We need to ask a favour.

We’re researching “second-career entrepreneurship”, and are asking for feedback from mature people who are considering launching a business for the first time. We’ve prepared this survey and are asking people who are considering a business to fill it out.

The core of our market is older people – maybe they’re considering a business in retirement, or have been laid off and face dim prospects in getting hired elsewhere. But the people could be as young as their 30s. They could be people leaving the military, or house-parents whose children are leaving home. We’re just looking for people who have been in a traditional occupation and now want to become entrepreneurs.

We’re asking your, our contacts in the startup community, to complete the survey if you meet these criteria. If not, you may know someone who is considering such a move. And the farther away they are, the better. We want as many different places as possible. Please send this out to them and ask them to take two to three minutes to complete this survey. It will help immeasurably.

You can find the survey here.

We’re now assessing a business that would aim to provide support, resources and a community for second-career entrepreneurs. The first step is to try to understand the makeup and needs of this community. We’ll keep our readers posted as the plans develop.If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me at

Many thanks,

Peter and Carol Moreira