Economic Gardener December 2019

Christmas is a time to appreciate what we are blessed to have here in Pictou County. The list is long. But if I were to pick just one thing in the past year, what   comes to mind is the example of fortitude and optimism shown by our very own Women Alike ABreast A River dragon boat team.

Being inducted into the Pictou County Sports Hall of Fame, in recognition of their 20th anniversary in 2019, must have been the last thing the Team expected. After all, racing dragon boats is only part of what these caring women have accomplished. The Team’s ultimate goal is not to win races, but to show women there can be a great life after breast cancer.  Rowing is a proven method to recover from breast cancer.

And they continue to achieve their mission in spades. They stand behind women with breast cancer, offering help and support, often buying supplies for them and for breast cancer patients in the hospital. They are long- time supporters of the Lodge That Gives in Halifax and even supply gas cards to help those in need for the trip to Halifax to stay at the Lodge.

As important, the Team offers breast cancer survivors friendship and understanding as women cope with the many issues that come with this disease.

We all enjoy the amazing dragon boat races on the East River in New Glasgow, which have become amazing annual fundraisers and community events, all inspired by the original dragon boat team.

But the true inspiration happens all year round, in all sorts of weather, when we catch a glimpse of our solitary paddlers on the river.

Merry Christmas.

Jack Kyte

Executive Director

Pictou County Chamber of Commerce

Women Alike


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