Economic Gardener July 2018 Reducing Red Tape

Reducing Red Tape

Two years ago our Chamber presented a Special Recognition Award to Nova Scotia’s Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness (ORASE) at our annual business recognition dinner.

Some people wondered why our Chamber would recognize an organization based in Halifax. We did so because we understood the potential of the organization to help our local businesses succeed by improving government services to business and reducing costly regulatory burden.

Earlier this month ORASE published its 2017-2018 Annual Report and the reason for our faith in the process became clear. The Office is getting results; measureable, meaningful results.

Since April 2017, savings to business across the province has been $23.2 million, 93% of the $25 million target they set, to be reached by the end of this year. They are leaving no stones unturned, from increasing the B- route network of roads and other improvements for the trucking industry, to removing fees for technical training for apprentices, to establishing a new and improved online Registry of Joint Stock Companies. The list of initiatives is long.

On the service side, the establishment of a Business Navigation service, the first of its kind in Canada, has already assisted more than 1800 businesses, large and small, saving each client an average of 10 hours of time spent on dealing with government red tape. The fact is, if you are having problems understanding and navigating government requirements for your business just contact Evangeline, Andre or Ann at the ORASE navigation service and you will get the help you need. These are professionals working for you, people who care, not anonymous voices at the end of a telephone line! How refreshing!

Much credit has to go to employees in every government department who are evaluating all proposed regulations to reduce or minimize impact and cost on business, while at the same time maintaining useful regulations where needed. There is a much greater awareness of the actual cost and impact of regulations on the economy from within government. In fact, ORASE is having a much wider impact as they strive to bring other Atlantic provinces and municipalities on board.

And one more thing. The staff at the Office always seek the opinions and ideas of the business community with their open and transparent communications. That is where our Chamber comes in. We attend their briefing meetings, respond to their surveys and have an open door to consultation with ORASE staff.

Our faith in this process has been and will continue to be rewarded. Give us a call if you would like more information.

Jack Kyte

Executive Director

Pictou County Chamber of Commerce