Emotional Support Line open



We are beginning to see the human impact of the impending closure of Northern Pulp and it will only get worse as more individuals across the province lose their jobs over the next few months. Already, with the end of wood deliveries at the mill, we are hearing reports of woods contractors losing harvesting machines and trucks which are financed to banking institutions. We have heard from one individual who will lose his family farm. The list of such situations is growing.

The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce is very worried about the personal well- being of individuals and families caught up in situations that are stressful to the extreme. We want to bring to your attention that personal counselling is available, at no cost, through a government sponsored hot line, operated by Morneau Shepell, one of Canada’s most respected employee assistance firms.

The 24 hour service is free and confidential. It allows individuals to discuss their needs with highly trained professionals who are experienced in helping with mental, physical and social well- being issues.

Individuals needing assistance can simply call toll free:

1-866-885-6540  It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are asking that you share this email with your employees, community and business contacts who may know individuals in need.

Jack Kyte, Executive Director, Pictou County Chamber of Commerce