Why Should I Join?

The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce has been a hub for business activity in Pictou County for more than 30 years.  The Chamber has an engaged and dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, with a clear aim to ensure local businesses are well represented and supported in a variety of ways.

The economy of Pictou County is diverse.  The county is proud to be the home of Sobeys, Crombie REIT, Empire Corporation and their associated businesses, which are recognized Canada-wide as leaders in their sectors.  We are also fortunate to have two of Nova Scotia’s leading manufacturers and exporters, Michelin Tires Canada and Northern Pulp NS Corporation.  We can also boast of having some of Canada’s finest metal fabricators, and a number of well-established manufacturers and exporters.  These businesses, combined with diverse retail, agricultural, fishing, mining, IT and services sectors, with businesses large and small, makes our County a significant economic force in Nova Scotia.  As a Chamber, we represent businesses which employ over 7,500 local persons.

No other business organization offers the broad based benefits available to Chamber members and their employees.  The Chamber leverages the power of thousands of Chambers across Canada on behalf of the business community.  At the same time, the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce is focused on support here in our local area, where our doors are always open to assist in the economic development of Pictou County.

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber membership is comprised of business and professional people who believe in the free enterprise system and who wish to share their concerns, opinions and experiences for the overall benefit of the community.

We encourage all members to be actively involved in our committees and events, that are structured to serve every business sector. Committees participate in establishing the priorities, objectives and Action Plan the Chamber will implement over the short – and long – term.

The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce, established in 1983, is an integral part of the Pictou County community, with strong connections to all businesses, all levels of government, the educational system and other community organizations. The Chamber speaks as a united voice on behalf of the business community, using its strength of membership to positively impact issues facing business and the community at large.

The Chamber is a leading business advocacy group, monitoring provincial and federal legislation affecting the business community. Membership in the Atlantic and the Canadian Chambers is our link to regional and national business communities.

Your Chamber is dedicated to ensuring Pictou County’s continued growth and prosperity. We accomplish this through the combined efforts of our members – people like you!

Working Together – With You and For You

The Chamber of Commerce network in Canada is unique. No other business group benefits from a grass roots base of “action cells” in every federal riding (the local chambers), as well as separate regional structures and a broad national federation which speaks for more than 130,000 business leaders.

Although each level of the chamber system is autonomous and financially independent, the joint development of the local, regional and national Chambers has required the coordination of activities, policies and programs among the three organizations. This cooperative spirit has made the chamber movement the powerful force it is today,and ensures a unified effort on behalf of businesses from main street in Pictou County to Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

The Chamber’s unparalleled nation-wide partnership serves your interests…and merits your support. It can be counted on to speak up for business and it counts on your involvement at every level.

New members are always welcome and needed.


12 month Partnership Investment Schedule

# of Employees Investment
1-2 $100.00
retirees $50.00
3-5 $210.00
6-25 $250.00
26-100 $495.00
100+ $595.00
government $300.00
Not-For-Profit $110.00
Student $25.00
HST not included. HST Registration # 107843393


Member Benefits

The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce Website.  is a core component in the Chamber’s communication strategy. It allows visitors to keep up to date with chamber news and activities, view and register for Chamber events as well as email any questions or concerns. Our membership directory also gives consumers access to products and services available throughout the Pictou County region. Make sure your business is included!

Advocacy – Working for a Healthy Business Environment

Advocacy is the heart and soul of Chamber activity. Your Chamber takes a stand on local, regional and national issues that affect business. It provides active support to local businesses and lobbies for their benefit. Every year, we meet with the local politicians, to pass along the concerns of the business community and press for change. We issue news releases on business concerns that are distributed to local media outlets and through our social media sites, reaching thousands of people.

Networking – Expand Your Business Contacts

‘Networking’ is one of the most important factors in business success. The Chamber hosts many business and social functions that provide the opportunity to network. These networking events allow you to expand your business and social contacts. Your Chamber also hosts ‘targeted networking’ events such as our signature TechSocials, opportunities to learn and practice your networking skills while meeting other members.

Raise Your Company Profile.

The Chamber provides publicity opportunities including a “New Member Profile” that are published in our monthly Advocate Update page, and are also posted on the Chamber’s website and on the Chamber’s social media profiles. Your individual membership profile website will improve your ranking in search engines like Google and Bing and give a wider audience access to your contact information and the products and services you provide.

Sponsorship of Chamber events provides exposure to a large segment of the business community.

Attend Educational Events – Luncheons, Roundtables, and Panel Discussions

The Chamber hosts a number of educational events featuring informative and provocative guest speakers. Educational issues range from local politics to regional economic development, business issues, financial management, etc.

Attend Community Events – Business and Recreation

The Chamber offers several annual community events for its members. These include the annual general meeting, People’s Choice online awards, Small Business Week Events, Business Achievement Awards and many breakfast speakers’ forums designed to be fun, educational and to help you grow your contacts. These events are great places to network!

Affinity Programs

(offered through our affliation with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce):

The Chamber Group Health Insurance Plan

This health insurance program is regarded as the #1 Group Plan in Canada for Small Businesses. By sharing your claims with over 30,000 other Canadian businesses (1–50 employees), you will have access to healthcare, dental, disability, and other benefits with stable annual premiums.  Call our Benefits Expert Erik Fraser at J.H. Fraser & Associates (902) 752-3510 to learn more. Or go to

The Chamber Merchant Credit Card Discount Program through First Data Canada

This discount allows merchant members a rate as low as 1.60% on MasterCard transactions, 1.55% on Visa and as low as .05¢ per transaction for Interac! Competitive rates are also offered on terminals and touch tone stations. Only as a Chamber Member can you enjoy such great discounts. For more information and a free comparison with the rates you are paying now, contact our Merchant Services Specialist at 1-902-403-9567 for more information.

Ship and Save with UPS

Chamber members, take advantage of the UPS Members Benefit Program and save on a variety of UPS services! You’ll receive 30% off small package shipments within Canada, to the U.S. and to worldwide destinations, 25% off imports into Canada, discounts starting at 75% off freight shipments and more. Plus, UPS is committed to providing value that goes beyond cost and on-time delivery. Customized solutions and reliable services drive greater efficiency and streamline internal processes. New and existing customers can enroll for free! To get started today, call 1-800-MEMBERS (1-800-636-2377), M-F, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST. In addition, you can get 10% off printing, packaging, and mailbox rentals at The UPS Store®. Click here to obtain The UPS Store ‘Get More’ card.

The Chamber Esso Business Card Program

Imperial Oil is pleased to offer Chamber members and their employees the opportunity to enroll in the Esso Business and Fleet Card program offering member fuel rebates. The Esso Business and Fleet Card program is a convenient and secure way to control and manage fuel expenses for your company vehicles! Save as much as 3.5¢ on every litre of fuel purchased. To apply online go to or email or call an ESSO Sales Consultant at 1-866-330-2419.

Access to Group Home and Auto Insurance through Johnson Insurance

As a member of the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce you are entitled to preferred home, auto and travel insurance rates through Johnson Inc., that are designed to save you money. Whether you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce or an employee of a member, you can qualify for these preferred rates. Some of the special savings and discounts are: preferred group rates on your home and auto, easy pay options, no monthly service fees, free unlimited legal, health and home advice, a money back claims service guarantee and accident waiver coverage, accident forgiveness, 24-hour service, identity theft coverage, superior claims service, and a Members only website. Plus AIR MILES® reward miles. Contact:  1-800-563-0677 or go to  for more information. 

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance through MacDonald Chisholm Trask Insurance

As a member of the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce you are entitled to preferred rates on your Non- Profit Management and Corporate Liability Insurance (Directors and Officers Liability Insurance). Contact Sherry Spencer- MacDonald Chisholm Trask Insurance (Corporate Business Unit) (902)678-7842 for more information.

Certificates of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (CO) is a document attesting that goods exported in a shipment have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. CO’s may be requested by customs administrations, importers, freight forwarders or banks for clearance of letters of credit. The issuance of a CO is an important function for chambers of commerce as many countries view chambers of commerce as credible organizations and require that they authenticate documents with their stamp or seal. With a membership with the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce, we will authenticate these documents for you free of charge! (For non-members, we charge $45.00 plus HST per authentication).

Chamber E-Learning Centre

Good employees are extremely valuable and the best seek new challenges and learning. With e-learning, employee skills improve and turnover is reduced by preparing and training them for new roles and/or increased responsibilities.

The Chamber eLearning Centre provides a world class on-line training curriculum, any time, to any PC with an Internet connection and at very reasonable costs! Employees can take training on-the-job or even from home.

There are hundreds of topics to choose from, for example; Health & Safety, Accounting & Finance, Customer Service, Human Resource Management, Business Communication, Leadership, Management & Supervision, Marketing and Sales, Systems & Operational Excellence, Desktop Computing Training, Personal Development, and Strategy

To find out more on these courses, got to