Non Profit Impact Study Release

Valuing Pictou County Non-profit sector

NEWS RELEASE October 29 2019- Valuing our non-profit sector

The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce has released the results of a unique study showing the significant economic and social contributions made by the non-profit sector in the County.

The study, which included interviews with 44 local organizations, showed those organizations had total annual operating budgets of nearly $50 million, employed nearly 900 full time and part time persons, with an total annual payroll of just over $31 million while engaging  1,500 community volunteers annually. The organizations interviewed raise over $3 million, roughly $70 per resident in the County.

“The impact of the sector is stunning when you group together the individual organizations,” said Chamber Executive Director Jack Kyte.  “And we are just talking about roughly 15% of the total number of non-profits in the community.”

Kyte said the study is also a reflection of the kind of caring community in which we live where non-profits play essential and meaningful roles. It is a team effort led by the sector with support from business and the residents.

“We were so excited to be included in this study and to assist the Chamber along the way”, said Margie Grant- Walsh, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Pictou County. “It is clear that non-profits not only enhance the economic landscape in Pictou County, but add to our quality of life by providing services and jobs and investing right back into the community.”

“We are looking forward to continuing our work together to enhance business, both profitable and non-profit to make Pictou County a better place to live and work,’ she said.  

The study has also identified the potential for more effective partnerships between the business sector and the non-profit sector for mutual gain and recommends formal discussions between the sectors to enhance relationships in the future.




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