One NS dashboard

Alot of interesting graphics and information on this website, keeping Nova Scotians up-to-date on the progress since the Ivany Report’s release.


The Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy proposed 19 “stretch” goals to encourage Nova Scotians to push our limits and aim for profound change. Stretch goals are visionary, ambitious, and difficult to achieve.

To signify if improvements are being made, each goal is assigned a progressing or not progressing status:

  • A goal is progressing if the indicator is moving substantially closer to the target, overall, or in recent periods.
  • A goal is not progressing if the indicator is moving away from the target or not moving substantially, overall, or in recent periods.

To signify if achievement of the stretch target is likely, the Current Situation section also explores whether each goal is on track or not on track:

  • A goal is on track if the trend from the baseline to the current value of the indicator would achieve the target if sustained.
  • A goal is not on track if the current trend is not enough to achieve the target.