Office of the Employer Advisor



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The Employer Advisor Nova Scotia is here to assist Nova Scotia employers and employer associations.  We are a not for profit society, providing Nova Scotia employers advocacy for key issues.

Our services include: 

  • Education programs
  • Statutory interpretation
  • Current issues consultations
  • Information and explanation regarding the application and administration of the WCB, WCAT, OHS, Labour Board, Employment Standards and Human Rights Acts
  • WCB Board policies, Human Resource and Employment procedures, practices and development of workplace policies
  • Assistance with complex claims and WCB rate assessment navigation
  • Return to work and disability case management
  • WCB/OHS appeal support

Many of our services and programs are free to employers and businesses do not need to be registered with WCB in order to access OEA.  Our knowledgeable advisors are here to assist your business and our education programs are tailored to ever changing employer needs. Need assistance and want to speak to an Employer Advisor or schedule an info session for yourself or your management team? Call us today!