Proposed Changes for Tax Reform submission info

Below are the ways in which MP Sean Fraser encourages Chamber members (and perhaps those that aren’t Chamber members) to submit feedback on the proposed changes.
Finance Minister’s Consultation – Deadline October 2nd

First, there is an official consultation through the Finance Minister. Here’s a link to where these consultations were formally announced on July 18: Please note that the closing date listed is October 2, 2017. The email listed, if you prefer to simply share that is:
Feedback directly for MP Sean Fraser for Caucus – Deadline Sept 4th

MP Sean Fraser also advises sending feedback directly to his office, which can be sent to While feedback can be sent at any time, Sean has informed us that he will be at caucus meetings Sept 5-7, and would welcome feedback prior to then. Feedback after this deadline is still welcome, those sending feedback can CC: our office ( on the email to the above consultation.

Attached is the Finance Minister’s Tax Change Proposal.