Warden Ron Baillie, Municipality of the County of Pictou; New Glasgow Mayor Barrie MacMillan; Steve Weeks, President, SW Weeks Construction and Frank MacFarlane, Business Development Officer for New Glasgow, the County of Pictou and the Town of Pictou are pictured following a news conference held on Friday that announced a 17 acre business park in New Glasgow that is a joint venture of the Town of New Glasgow and the Municipality of the County of Pictou.



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NEW GLASGOW, NS, September 12, 2014…….A new 17 acre Business Park, called the East River Business Park, that will be a joint venture between The Town of New Glasgow and the Municipality of the County of Pictou, was announced today at a news conference at the park site in New Glasgow.

Warden Ron Baillie of the County said that the new business park will provide Pictou County with an important asset that will enable growth of the region’s economy. “The partnership between the Town of New Glasgow and the Municipality of the County of Pictou is further example of a commitment by our two Councils to work cooperatively together to move Pictou County forward,” stated the Warden. “The East River Business Park will complement the existing business parks in Pictou County and will target expansion of business enterprises. We are making a strategic investment in this infrastructure to provide private developers with a location to build and create jobs.”

“The Municipality of the County of Pictou and the Town of New Glasgow are delighted to become partners in the new municipal corporation called the New Scotland Business Development Inc.,” stated New Glasgow Mayor Barrie MacMillan. Mayor MacMillan has also stated that the municipalities are delighted to have Frank MacFarlane, a native of Pictou County, who was recently announced as Business Development Officer for the Town of New Glasgow, the Municipality of the County of Pictou and the Town of Pictou, on board to ensure a quality service delivery experience to developers and businesses.”

The prime development property will be purchased from SW Weeks Construction under the new corporation for $2.7 million and the transaction will be finalized upon completion of the site infrastructure this fall.

“The East River Business Park will provide top quality infrastructure and natural gas servicing as we understand the important requirements needed to operate and flourish in today’s business environment,” continued Mayor MacMillan. “Cost effectiveness and efficiencies are key elements required as well as quality drinking water and reasonable energy costs. The East River Business Park will offer all of these elements. It will also benefit from the security and protection provided by the strategic location of the New Glasgow Regional Police Service.”

The Mayor also explained that access points will be available through a new round about off East River Road and the Park Street intersection will ensure ease of traffic movement. “The Town of New Glasgow has been diligently upgrading the East River Road infrastructure over the past number of

years. We have understand the traffic movements on the busiest street within Pictou County (East River Road) as well as opportunities for the future. Mr. MacFarlane will provide a one stop shop for development as it relates to inquiries, building applications, infrastructure needs and the permit process,” said the Mayor.

Steve Weeks, President of SW Weeks Construction, called the announcement a great day for Pictou County. “Our company, S.W. Weeks Construction has had a long working history with both municipal units and we are pleased to see them partnering on an investment into the future of Pictou County. We are also happy to see the development of the land that our Company started as the New Glasgow Business Park and now transitioning for new growth under the ownership of the New Scotland Business Development group as the East River Business Park. We will be starting the pipe work very soon which will be followed by road work, curbing and paving. Throughout this process and with the recent release of the MOU, we have been impressed with the forward regional vision of New Glasgow and the County – Pictou County can achieve great things when we work together for a common goal.”

“The Councils from the Municipality and Town of New Glasgow are committed to growing the local economy,” added Warden Baillie. “We can assist in this by providing infrastructure that attracts investment in wholesaling, light manufacturing or retail operations. The municipalities understand the importance of attracting investment to Pictou County. Pictou County is active in many sectors of the economy and we see this business park as a way to further assist the private sector in growing their businesses and our region.”

“The Municipality of Pictou and the Town of New Glasgow are the two largest municipal units in the County and have worked cooperatively on a number of projects and initiatives to help grow Pictou County. In addition to the business park, the Municipality and Town of New Glasgow have both agreed to fund an expansion of the New Glasgow Farmers Market, the County and Town are in the final stages of completing a storm water separation project on the Westside of New Glasgow, that will enable residential and commercial growth in the Alma Green Hill areas.”

“Pictou County is a gateway to the Province through the ferry connection in Caribou and this business park is located close to a main arterial highway in the 104 that carries large volumes of traffic and the transportation of goods to and from northern-Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island and Newfoundland through to Halifax and New Brunswick, and beyond,” said the Warden.

The Warden also described Pictou County as a major retail and service center for north-eastern Nova Scotia. “We boast large, medium, or small businesses and employers selling to and servicing a wide array of markets,” he said. “The County has a strong manufacturing component, whether in the production of tires, printed materials, pulp, clothing, wind towers, repairing ships, building modular equipment for oil and gas production, metal fabrication, harvesting from the forests, and land and sea, work in tourism and service industries, or, the supply of software to international customers. This business park will aim to assist each of these sectors by identifying new businesses that will help grow existing businesses, while also attracting new services for our residents.”

“Our region must show its strength in location and the transportation networks available as well as showcase the many land development opportunities available, ” concluded Mayor MacMillan. “This is about changing the future of Pictou County, working together for the betterment of our citizens and businesses so they can grow and flourish. New Scotland Business Development Inc. will have a strong regional focus as we recognize that strategic growth will move our region forward.”