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CBDC Social Enterprise Loan
A Social Enterprise is a business or organization that produces and/or sells goods and services to generate income to support and sustain social and community development goals. A social enterprise may take a variety of forms: a non-profit organization, a cooperative or a membership organization. They are defined by their entrepreneurial spirit: the production of goods and services and revenue generation beyond that coming from public grants.
CBDC Social Enterprise Loans and financing is available to non-profits, including charities, cooperatives or societies in need of business support (in the form of a loan or loan guarantee). Financing will be used to buy assets, renovate existing ones or to expand a social enterprise. CBDC Social Enterprise Loans are specifically intended to provide financial support for revenue generating business operations of officially registered non-profit organizations.
– The CBDC offers loans of up to $150,000* per eligible applicant. (Loans are repayable with competitive interest rates and repayment terms).
-The Social Enterprise Loan may be used to purchase machinery, equipment or other items necessary for continued business operations.
-Loan amortizations of up to ten years are available. This is based on the life expectancy of the asset(s) the Social Enterprise is using the funds to acquire.

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CBDC First-Time Entrepreneur Loan
If you’re a new entrepreneur and live in a rural community in Atlantic Canada, you may be eligible for a First-Time Entrepreneur Loan from your Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC). We know that turning your dreams into reality is difficult at eh best of times, and that for the first-time entrepreneur, getting financial assistance through normal lending channels is tough. So we created the First-Time Entrepreneur Loan to help people just like you! We also offer counselling and training services to help you become a profitable, self-sufficient and successful business person.

– The CBDC First-Time Entrepreneur Loan offers up to $150,000* to qualified borrowers in Atlantic Canada. It’s available to sole proprietors, limited companies and partnerships (when majority control is resides with the new entrepreneur).
– First-Time Entrepreneur Loans are repayable, but have competitive interest rates and repayment terms. Financing may be term or demand loans, a loan guarantees, or equity investments.

First-Time Entrepreneur Loan Application Criteria:

You must be a new, first-time entrepreneur living in a rural area of Atlantic Canada;
Loan may be used for a business start-up, or to help buy an existing business;
Both seasonal and year-round businesses may apply;
The loan may be used for a variety of purposes: Start-up costs, fixed assets, working capital, buildings and land, furniture and fixtures, machinery or other types of equipment, and possibly vehicles used strictly for business operations;
Franchise purchases and Leasehold improvements are also eligible;

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CBDC General Business Loan
From small businesses to even larger ones, there are many times when a business may need a loan. Perhaps you need to procure new machinery or equipment? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your facilities or buildings. Or perhaps a loan is the only way for you to improve or expand your business to tap new market opportunities. Banks and other traditional lending institutions can often be unavailable to you. At the Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) we might be able to help! The most flexible business loan we offer, the CBDC General Business Loan was made just for these situations.
– Loans up to $150,000* may be available to eligible applicants. All loans are repayable and offer competitive repayment terms and interest rates. Financing can include a demand or term loan, a loan guarantee, or equity investment.
-Loans will be secured, and can be from one to ten years, giving you the chance to develop your business while being free from financial burden.

CBDC’s General Business Loan may be offered to businesses that meet the following qualifications:

Entrepreneurs or businesses purchasing a new or existing company;
Expanding an existing business;
An existing company in need of working capital;
Both year-round and seasonal businesses are eligible;
Eligible business expenses may include: start-up, land and buildings, fixed assets, machinery and other equipment, fixtures and furniture. In some cases, vehicles strictly for business uses may also qualify;
Franchise purchases and Leasehold improvements are also eligible;
Potential borrowers must show a legitimate chance of economic viability. Employment creation and/or maintenance without negatively impacting existing area businesses is also a necessity.
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CBDC Youth Loan
Young entrepreneurs aged 18-34 know all too well that getting a loan to start a new business can be challenging at the best of times. You may have exciting and innovative ideas that have real economic value, but you still face serious hurdles to getting the loan you need to make your ideas come to life. That’s where we at the Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) Youth Loan Program come in.

CBDC Youth Loan Primary Objectives:
– Offer young entrepreneurs (18-34) access to the capital they need for business startup, expansion or modernization;
– Create and maintain employment in Atlantic Canada.

The CBDC Youth Loan can help qualified applicants get financial help. It’s available as a repayable loan with competitive interest rates and repayment terms. Financial options may include: demand and term loans, equity investments or loan guarantees. We can also help young entrepreneurs cover the cost of business management and other training to make sure that your business venture gets off on the right track.

As with all our of loan programs, the CBDC has certain criteria that must be met for you to qualify for the Youth Loan Program:
Available to Youth Borrowers in Atlantic Canada aged 18-34;
Eligible for business startup, modernization or expansion;
Seasonal and year-round businesses qualify;
Loans may be for a variety of business expenses: start-up costs, fixed assets and/or working capital.
Leasehold improvements and franchise purchases are also qualify;
May be used to acquire assets of a previous business, so long as the transaction is at arm’s length and the business assets are bought at or below current market value;
Eligible borrowers may be a sole proprietorship, a limited company or a partnership (majority of the care and control must reside with the new entrepreneur);
The intended business operations must not have a negative impact on existing area businesses.
The borrower’s business should have a reasonable expectation of economic viability, as well as employment creation and/or maintenance in their community.

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CBDC Innovation Loan
Technology changes at a remarkable pace these days. This can have a serious impact on the continued success of business. Being a technological leader is an important part of maintaining a vibrant, growing economy in Atlantic Canada. Do you have an idea for a new product or service or maybe an idea to modify an existing one? To help in the development of our knowledge-based economy and advance the adoption of technologies for business, the Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) has designed the CBDC Innovation Loan. The loan is designed to encourage business productivity and effectiveness in the communities of rural Atlantic Canada. New technologies may include existing methods that have been adapted or repurposed for commercial applications. The loan could also be used for financing for new products or services and training, as well as financial support.

– CBDC offers up to $150,000* per qualified borrower. All loans are repayable and have competitive interest rates and repayment terms. Financial options include term loan and demand loans, loan guarantees or equity investments.
-CBDC Innovation Loans may be used for a variety of things: the acquisition of equipment, software, processes or licenses, and other things that are clearly defined as “new” technology that will improve business operations. Expenses for infrastructure changes or installation, as well as maintenance due to implementation and utilization of new technology also qualify. We can also assist with costs for training employees in the application and use of the new technology.

Rural based businesses across Atlantic Canada meeting the following criteria may qualify for CBDC’s Innovation Loan:
Available to new and existing entrepreneurs;
Both the business and the borrower must be located in rural areas;
Year-round and seasonal businesses are acceptable.
The business should have a realistic prospects of economic viability. Employment creation and/or maintenance in the community is also a key factor. Applications will also be judged on revenue potential, as well as the Borrower’s commitment and dedication to the project.
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