Why Should I Join?
The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce has been a hub for business activity in Pictou County for more than 30 years.  The Chamber has an engaged and dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, with a clear aim to ensure local businesses are well represented and supported in a variety of ways.

The economy of Pictou County is diverse.  The county is proud to be the home of Sobeys, Crombie REIT, Empire Corporation and their associated businesses, which are recognized Canada-wide as leaders in their sectors.  We are also fortunate to have Nova Scotia’s leading manufacturer and exporter, Michelin Tires Canada.  We can also boast of having some of Canada’s finest metal fabricators, and a number of well-established manufacturers and exporters.  These businesses, combined with diverse retail, agricultural, fishing, mining, IT and services sectors, with businesses large and small, makes our County a significant economic force in Nova Scotia.  As a Chamber, we represent businesses which employ over 7,500 local persons.

No other business organization offers the broad based benefits available to Chamber members and their employees.  The Chamber leverages the power of thousands of Chambers across Canada on behalf of the business community.  At the same time, the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce is focused on support here in our local area, where our doors are always open to assist in the economic development of Pictou County.

Dedicated to a thriving community
The Chamber membership is comprised of business and professional people who believe in the free enterprise system and who wish to share their concerns, opinions and experiences for the overall benefit of the community.

The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce, established in 1983, is an integral part of the Pictou County community, with strong connections to all businesses, all levels of government, the educational system and other community organizations. The Chamber speaks as a united voice on behalf of the business community, using its strength of membership to positively impact issues facing business and the community at large.

The Chamber is a leading business advocacy group, monitoring provincial and federal legislation affecting the business community. Membership in the Atlantic and the Canadian Chambers is our link to regional and national business communities.

Your Chamber is dedicated to ensuring Pictou County’s continued growth and prosperity. We accomplish this through the combined efforts of our members – people like you!

Working Together – With You and For You
The Chamber of Commerce network in Canada is unique. No other business group benefits from a grass roots base of “action cells” in every federal riding (the local chambers), as well as separate regional structures and a broad national federation which speaks for more than 130,000 business leaders.


“Being a member of the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce over the last few years has helped our business tremendously.  We regularly go to the functions and learn about issues that businesses are facing. ”– Jenny Velchev - Winmar

Although each level of the chamber system is autonomous and financially independent, the joint development of the local, regional and national Chambers has required the coordination of activities, policies and programs among the three organizations. This cooperative spirit has made the chamber movement the powerful force it is today,and ensures a unified effort on behalf of businesses from main street in Pictou County to Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

The Chamber’s unparalleled nation-wide partnership serves your interests…and merits your support. It can be counted on to speak up for business and it counts on your involvement at every level.

New members are always welcome and appreciated!



12 month Partnership Investment Schedule

# of Employees Investment
1-2 $125.00
retirees $50.00
3-5 $225.00
6-25 $275.00
26-100 $550.00
100+ $650.00
government $350.00
Not-For-Profit $120.00
non-governmental organization $250.00

HST not included. HST Registration # 107843393