The Atlantic Chamber and our local Chamber networks, in partnership with ACOA, have launched Atlantic Impressions, an exciting new cloud-based opinion survey tool with the ability to feed your views and opinions on business issues directly to government, within days. It has never been done in Atlantic Canada.

We are asking our members to sign up to take part in the Atlantic Impressions surveys (which are always optional). There is no cost, but we need some general information from participants so we can segment results (by province, by region, by postal code and by other demographics). Participants will receive the results of the surveys within days so you can see how other business persons feel about various issues.

If you have five minutes to spare, please go to the Atlantic Impressions website above to sign up today! Let’s show our elected officials the power of thousands of Chamber members in our region.

The first Impressions survey will explore what the future looks like for Atlantic Canadian businesses in relation to COVID-19. We believe the results will help shape future government assistance programs in ways that really work. When you sign up, give this first survey a try just to get your feet wet.

Click the following link for more information: