As the world continues to transition to a digital environment, small and medium businesses, are struggling to keep up, especially those in traditional industries. IGNITE and its partners are working to support all businesses as they build an online presence and we have built e-port as a central hub to help them join the digital wave.

Who can use e-port?

Any business, in any industry, in Atlantic Canada is eligible to use eport. There are no restrictions on who we want to help here. With free tools, free resources, and free one-on-one support, this platform lowers the barriers to entering a digital world.

How does e-port work?

When a user arrives at they can sign up and complete a 5 minute assessment which gives the Navigation Team the information they need to create a customized plan. With this plan in hand the user then enters their account., full of how to guides and videos to help support them along their journey. If a user ever gets stuck, the Navigation Team is on call and offers one-on-one support through phone or email. If business want to engage at a distance there is a wealth of information in the Resource Hub where users can find programs and workshops and in The Harbour where users can be connected to local digital service providers.