What is Mentoring Plus? Mentoring Plus offers business consultation and advice to entrepreneurs in Pictou County. It is an initiative of Dalhousie University’s College of Continuing Education in collaboration with the Town of New Glasgow and now in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce.

How does it work? The project matches local experienced retired business persons as group mentors for local entrepreneurs who need advice and understanding as they grow their businesses. This knowledge exchange is a valuable resource in our community. The project aims to create long term mentorship relationships of benefit to business owners and employees. Building a business is difficult and sometimes, entrepreneurs just need someone to talk to.

Who are the mentors? The project is developing a roster of mentors, retired but active business persons who are interested in sharing their experience, knowledge and skills. It also provides an opportunity for retired people to become involved in meaningful activities within their community.

How does it work? This is a pilot project. The Chamber outreach coordinator Andy Thompson works with local businesses to identify needs and interest in the project. Mentoring Plus Coordinator Geralyn MacDonald then works with the entrepreneurs and Andy to find the right mentors for individual businesses.

What is the cost? Our mentors are all volunteers. There is no cost to the business owners.

When does the mentorship end? The project does not depend on government funding and the mentors are volunteers, so once the relationship is in place, it can continue for as long as the participants desire.

Contact Mentoring Plus Outreach Coordinator Andy Thompson for more information at